Author: M.Esra TUNÇ, Ayhan ÜNLÜ

Publishing Date: 2005

E-ISSN: 2147-9364

Volume 20 Issue 4


In this study, microbial pollution that is important for public health and have not been found in discharge standards of Turkish Regulation of Water Pollution Control was determined. For this reason, coliform bacteria removal efficiency of primary settling tank and treatment plant, microbiological quality of effluent and receiving water (Kehli stream) were investigated by bacteriological analysis of the samples taken from wastewater of the plant. Total and fecal coliform in the primary settling tank were removed in the range of 43.33 – 91.87% and 44.44%, respectively. Overall removal efficiency of total and fecal coliform in the treatment plant varied in the range of 72.0 – 99.5% and 98.13 – 99.88%, respectively. However, it was seen that microbiological pollution of effluent of the plant that discharged to receiving water was high. While fecal coliforms were between 1.3×103 and 7×104 MNP/100ml before discharge into Kehli Stream, whereas the amounts increased to 1.3×106-9×106 MNP/100ml after discharge.

Key Words: Wastewater treatment; total and fecal coliform; coliform removal.

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