Author: Aydan Yaman, Hacı Murat Yılmaz

Publishing Date: 2017

E-ISSN: 2548-0960

Volume 2 Issue 2


The terrestrial laser scanning systems are a relatively new measurement technology. Along with technological advances, these systems are gaining popularity and have been increasingly used in many different fields. With terrestrial laser scanning technology, three- dimensional (3D) information and images of objects can be obtained more practical, easy and with high accuracy compared to conventional methods. Additionally, measurement of an object is performed without being in physical contact. In this study, our test area 2.10m×2.80m in vertical position was scanned at 35 m distance in different object colors (white, red, blue and green) with Topcon laser scanner and laser scanner’s position accuracy according to this colors were investigated. By switching Y and Z coordinates obtained from laser scanning, test area was changed to horizontal position. In this case, expected a half rectangular prism’ volume and volumes obtained from laser scanning were calculated. Based on our volume differences evaluation results, it was found that within scanning 35meters distance, position accuracy of this laser scanner is between 5.7 mm and 12.2 mm. In addition, the best result is obtained by scanning the test area in white color.

Key word: Laser Scanning Technology,Object Color,Position Accuracy

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