Author: Mehmet KAMANLI, Fatih Süleyman BALIK

Publishing Date: 2004

E-ISSN: 2147-9364

Volume 19 Issue 1


In this study, the effect of earthquake loads on roof gable walls and the behaviours these roof gable walls are investigated. In preparation of the study two experiments on cradle roof system which gets and doesn’t get any loads off the roof members were done in all. The experiments were done on the shaking table that is an Earthquake Research Department of General Directorate of Disaster Affairs . Through the experiments some considerable results were got on the behaviours of roof gable walls under the effect of horizontal dynamical loads. The results obtained at the end of these examinations are given and discussed. Furthermore, to make the brick gable walls more reliable against the loads of earthquake are given.

Key Words: The experiment of shaking table; the effect of earthquake; roof gable walls.

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