Author: Tanveer Hussain Bokhari, Samina Roohi, Saira Hina and Shabana Saeed

Publishing Date: 2018

E-ISSN: 1011-601X

Volume 31 Issue 1


Heart imaging radiopharmaceuticals could improve the diagnostic value of routine heart scanning for detecting cardiac disorders. The aim of the study was to prepare high radiochemical purity 99mTc-Digoxin in a yield of about 98%. The optimal conditions for labelling were as follows: 100µg of Digoxin, 2µg of SnCl2•2H2O, room temperature (25±1°C), reaction retention time of 30 min at pH 7. Under these conditions, the radiochemical yield of 99mTc-Digoxin reaches 98%. In vivo bio distribution was performed in normal Swiss Albino mice at different time intervals after administration of 99mTc-Digoxin.Scintigraphic study of 99mTc-Digoxin was performed in rabbits. The heart uptake of 99m Tc-Digoxin was sufficiently high and thus may be a potential myocardial imaging radiopharmaceutical applicable in cardiology.

Keywords: 99mTc-Digoxin, chromatographic analysis, Bio distribution, myocardial imaging.

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