Author: Bircan HASPULAT, Özge ÇINAR, Handan KAMIŞ

Publishing Date: 2014

E-ISSN: 2147-9364

Volume: 2 Issue: 2

DOI : 10.15317/Scitech.201426888


In this study, the polypyrrole(Ppy) was synthesized firstly in aqueous diethylene glycol solution via chemical oxidative polymerization. Synthesized polymer was characterized by fourier transform infrared spectroscopy(FTIR), UV-Vis absorption spectroscopy(UV-vis) and scanning electron microscopy(SEM) and electrical conductivity of the samples was measured by four point AC conductivity method. It was found that the synthesized Ppy has homogeneous spherical shaped and its electrical conductivity was 3.64×10-3 Scm-1

Key Words: Chemical polymerization, Polypyrrole, Diethylene Glycol

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