Author: Umut YILMAZ, Mete KALYONCU

Publishing Date: 2014

E-ISSN: 2147-9364

Volume: 2 Issue: 2

DOI : 10.15317/Scitech.201426894


In this study, first of all mobile hydraulic telescopic crane’s design was made and crane with load was defined. Designed telescopic crane that includes real system data was modelled by using Matlab / Simulink software. The sway that was formed by effect of input signals was measured and controller was designed to reduce the sway to an acceptable tolerances. The main goal of this study is to minimize the sway of load which bound up to telescopic crane through a rope, which is made at an angle and this movement is made with respect to x,y and z reference axes, by using controller as a result of moving via torque excitation in mobile telescopic crane’s lifting cylinders and center of rotation. The success benchmark of system will be to reduce sway by preparing an ergonomic study base in execution. On the other hand, another important point is that will be to control of crane free of operator will drive.

Key Words: Telescopic Mobile Crane, Sway, PID Control, Matlab, Simulink, Mathematical model, Position

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