Author: Kurtuluş Onur KAYA

Publishing Date: 2017

E-ISSN: 2618-5717

Volume 1 Issue 1


The purpose of this study is to critically and descriptively analyze the problems of upgrading Associate of Tourism Animation degree to a Bachelor’s degree. Of the total number of students, 42.9% were female and 2.94 years and mean age of male students57.1% were male. The mean age of the female students was 20.67 1.36 years. 13 item data collection instrument was designed by the researcher. Fifty percent saidwas 20.88 after graduation they will work in the profession (animation) in which they are studying; 21.4% said they were undecided about working in the profession. Also, 57.1% of the students reported Theatre, %21.4% Recreation, and 21.4% Tourism and Hotel Management as the potential upgrading bachelor’s degree program for Tourism Animation associate’s degree. Fifty percent of the students plan to complete an associate’s degree and upgrade their degree to a bachelor’s degree. Also, 50% of participants think bachelor’s degree will contribute them in the workplace and 50% think that it will also contribute their academic career in the future. Results of the analysis showed that, 64.3% of the participants think that course contents of the Tourism Animation program and Recreation program is similar and 50% think that getting a bachelor’s degree in Recreation is more advantageous than getting a associate’s degree in Tourism Animation. It is suggested that bachelor’s degree in Recreation should be provided as an upgrading program for the graduates of associate’s degree in Tourism and Animation. This will help students to gain motivation, to improve their knowledge and skills for their future academic career, and to transition these knowledges and skill to future generations.

Keywords: Tourism animation, recreation, animation, associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree exam

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