Author: A.Hadi öZDENİZ, Cem ŞENSöĞüT

Publishing Date: 2004

E-ISSN: 2147-9364

Volume 19 Issue 1


Coals produced more than demand have to be deposited in stockpiles. Spontaneous combustion phenomenon takes place in these stockpiles where convenient circumstances are available. In this work, some parameters which are effective on the stockpiles and the temperature of the stockpiles were measured. Additionally, the size of the coal piles formed in an industrial scale and the equipment used to take temperature measurements were given in details. Finally, a statistical model developed by the utilization of the statistical analysis technique for Tuncbilek coals was introduced. This model can offer an estimation of temperature change behaviors for the coals in stockyards to a high level of accuracy.

Key Words: Coal; spontaneous combustion; selfheating in the stockpiles; statistical model

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