Author: Mutala’liah, S. Indarti and N. S. Putra

Publishing Date: 2017

E-ISSN: 0255-7576

Volume 35 Issue 2


This research was undertaken with the aim to know the abundance and vertical distribution of Pratylenchus sp. influenced by soil abiotic factors and coffee plant varieties in three fields. The research was conducted in Malangsari, Getas and Candiroto feilds. Samples of soil and roots were collected and various parameters of soil abiotic factors (pH, soil moisture, soil temperature, soil texture and organic matter) were obtained from each of the three fields. Vertical distribution was assessed using two soil sample depths (30 cm and 50 cm). This research showed that the highest population abundance of Pratylenchus sp. both from soil and roots was in Candiroto field with BP 42 variety i.e. 27 nematodes per 100 ml of soil and 60 nematodes per 10 g of roots, respectively. Relationship between pH and soil temperature with population abundance was negative correlation whereas soil moisture and organic matter had positive correlation. Vertical distribution of Pratylenchus sp. in all fields on Excelsa coffee, BP 308 and BP 42 variety were detected in < 30 cm depth, whereas in 50 cm depth only detected on BP 308 variety in Malangsari Field. The abundance of Pratylenchus sp. was mostly influenced by soil moisture, soil texture and variety. 

Keywords: Abundance, coffee, Pratylenchus, soil abiotic factors, vertical distribution

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