Author: Saim KORUR, Ercan H. OĞUZALP, Süheyla Büyükşahin SIRAMKAYA

Publishing Date: 2006

E-ISSN: 2147-9364

Volume 21 Issue 3_4


The subject of the research discussed in this study’s scope is about the integration of the precast building components used in the houses built with tunnel formwork system to the structural system and determination of the joint problems. In the direction of this aim, prefabricated building components affecting the production speed of tunnel formwork system in a positive way are introduced, the problems faced especially in precast facade panels and stairs because of the design and application errors are examined with the determinations in site. In the conclusion part various proposals are brought and the necessity of making use of especially the light building components is indicated.

Key Words: Tunnel formwork; precast members; pre‐construction

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