Author: Altan Yılmaz , Mustafa Canıberk

Publishing Date: 2018

E-ISSN: 2548-0960

Volume 3 Issue 2


Turkish Topographic Vector Database (TOPOVT) is a 3D vector database comprising 1:25.000 scale or higher resolution topographic features, contours representing the topography and geographic names. TOPOVT is the basic geographic data source for our country mapping and base for GIS applications. Feature collection stage of TOPOVT will soon be completed by covering whole Turkey. The updating works have already begun and will go on with an acceleration in 2018. Real time or near real time updating of continuously changing geographic features in our country as far as possible and avoiding the duplicate geographic data production by governmental institutions are the main objectives of General Command of Mapping which is the biggest geographic data producer in basic scales in Turkey.
TOPOVT Real Time Updating System was designed to provide all governmental institutions and municipalities producing and using geographic information via internet to update and easily access to TOPOVT. Most of the TOPOVT features are acquired by governmental institutions and municipalities according to their needs. TOPOVT Real Time Updating System is realized to avoid duplicate geographic data production countrywide and reflect the changes in topography to TOPOVT in real time or near real time. The software component of the system consists of desktop and android (or tablets) applications. The desktop application will enable governmental institutions and municipalities to update TOPOVT in their service areas according to their job definition without needing another software thus providing the TOPOVT users to make use of the up-to-date data. Android (tablet) application will provide the field geographic data collectors to access TOPOVT directly and to update the data in real time or in near real time unless 3G internet is available.
By this system, all the governmental institutions needing topographic database for their applications will easily reach TOPOVT, make use of the data in their field works and present the data they produced to country use. Also, by avoiding the duplicate geographic data production, national sources will be utilized economically and effectively.

Keywords: TOPOVT, Real Time Updating, Topographic Feature, Vector Database

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