Author: Naseem Aslam Channa, Dost Muhammad Kalhoro and Taj Muhammad Jahangir

Publishing Date: 2018

E-ISSN: 1011-601X

Volume 31 Issue 1


The present study was designed to explore the easy and fast method diagnosis of tobacco products in saliva of tobacco users (TU) by FTIR. Sixty four male tobacco users (TU) with mean age range 15.3 to 30.7 years were randomly selected for collection of saliva samples before and after tobacco use (smoking, chewing and dipping tobacco). Twenty were the smoking tobacco users (STU), 24 were chewing tobacco users (CTU) and 20 were dipping tobacco users (DTU). CTU were the users of Mainpuri (n=10) and users of PEN, FIT, 2100 (n=14). Forty eight saliva samples of age and gender matched healthy individuals with negative personal or family history of any addiction were also collected for comparison which served as controls. All were analyzed for their salivary flow rate, salivary pH and salivary diagnostic bands by FTIR. Significantly increased SFR (p<0.05) and salivary pH were found in after chewing tobacco as compared to before its chewing. The comparison between after tobacco use and controls we found decreased SFR and salivary pH for STU. Significant decreased SFR and increased salivary pH were found before or after use of dipping tobacco as compared to controls. Sharp bands at 735-745 cm-1 were found and may be used as salivary diagnostic bands for STU, 945-949 cm-1 for DTU and 900-915 cm-1 for CTU as well as DTU. In conclusion, the salivary diagnostic bands were found at 735-745 cm-1, 900-915 cm-1 and 945-949 cm-1 for TU by easy and fast method using FTIR.

Keywords: Salivary flow rate, salivary pH, chewing tobacco, smoking tobacco, dipping tobacco, FTIR.

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