Author: Fuat BAŞÇİFTÇİ, Cevat İNAL

Publishing Date: 2008

ISSN: 2147-9364

Volume 23 Issue 1


Coordinate transformation is widely used in geodetic application. By a coordinate transformation process, position of a point with known coordinates in one coordinate system is transformed into a different coordinate system. In a coordinate transformation it is chosen some different coordinate transformation methods according to shape of computation surface, aim of transformation and amount of the points with known coordinates in both coordinate systems. For two dimensional transformation, it become common to use Helmert (similarity) and Affine transformation, in 3 dimensional transformations, Bursa‐Wolf transformation model is used. In transformation, positional precision of points with known coordinates in both coordinate systems can be taken into consideration as well. In this study, A DELPHI computer program were developed that it is capable of performing 2 and 3 dimensional transformations with and without positional precision of known points. The program using common points with known positions in both coordinate systems is capable of performing point agreement tests and it computes points coordinates known in the first coordinate system in the second coordinate system after the computation of transformation parameters with respect to points passed agreement test.

Key Words: Coordinate Transformation; Similarity; Afine; Projective; Programming; Bursa‐Wolf.

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