Author: Fatma Bunyan Unel, Sukran Yalpir, Birol Gulnar

Publishing Date: 2017

E-ISSN: 2548-0960

Volume 2 Issue 3


In this study, whether or not the criteria affecting plot value changes depending on age was investigated in Ankara, Konya and Kayseri, which are three major cities of The Central Anatolian Region in Turkey, through survey method. 2,531 respondents, who were 18 and older, were included in the survey based on a technical viewpoint. Respondents consisted of 559 experts and 1,915 citizens. Fifty seven survey forms were considered invalid for several reasons and excluded from evaluation. The experts were selected from among people who worked on real estate valuation by using The Purposeful Sampling Method. The citizens were chosen from among people who could as well be agents in purchase and sale of the real estate by using The Simple Random Sampling Method. The survey questions were prepared on a Five-Point Likert Scale. These were made up of a total 82 questions and two main titles as locational (64 criteria) and neighbourhood (18 criteria) features (except for demographic questions). The age of the respondents was classified into six different groups. Whether or not averages of criteria were significantly different depending on the age groups was tested by ANOVA. Differences between the age groups were determined through several criteria.

Keywords: Real Estate Valuation, Plot, Criteria, Survey

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