Author: Mubshara Saadia, Saba Rehman, Sehrish Robin, Tahira Ruby, Muhammad Sher, Waseeq Ahmad Siddiqui , Mahmood Ahmad Khan

Publishing Date: 2017

E-ISSN: 1011-601X

Volume 30 Issue 5


Dengue infection is rapidly spreading in most of the countries of south Asia. It is of utmost importance to explore the plants with “anti-thrombocytopenic activity” the dreadful response of dengue fever. The present study was conducted to investigate the potential of aqueous extract of Nigella sativa (black cumin) seeds in alleviating the severity of dengue disease by raising the platelet count (PLT). Serum samples of thirty patients with dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) were analysed for different biochemical parameters. When compared with control groups, the patients were found with very low PLT count (7.62 fold), reduced antioxidant levels; catalase (1.4 fold), ascorbic acid (1.1 fold), bilirubin (1.06 fold), and severe deficiency of micronutrient concentrations; cobalt (2.27 fold), iron (2.35 fold) and nickel (71.46 fold). Similar parameters were studied in albino rats to observe the changes in serum levels of biochemical markers, after administration of single dose of choloroquine phosphate (IM, 1.5 mL saline). The drug successfully induced thrombocytopenia along with significant decrease in levels of antioxidants and trace metals. Administration of N. sativa aqueous seed extract (15.25 mg/kg/bw) for 12 days resulted in an increase in PLT count (1.59 fold) as compared to control group. N. sativa post-treatment was found effective in elevating the serum levels of catalase, ascorbic acid, and bilirubin (1.06, 1.58 and 0.4 folds respectively). However, the N. sativa pre-treatment was useful in increasing the levels of micronutrients; iron, nickel and cobalt when compared to quinine-induced group. From the above findings it was suggested that N. sativa seed aqueous extract supplementation would be a promising solution for declined PLT count and associated consequences.

Keywords: Nigella sativa, Dengue, Thrombocytopenia, Platelet Count, Antioxidants, Micronutrients.

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