Author: Ibrar Khan, Bashir Ahmad, Sadiq Azam, Fida Hassan, Nazish, Aamir Aziz, Noor Rehman, Farman Ullah and Zainab Liaqat

Publishing Date: 2018

E-ISSN: 1011-601X

Volume 31 Issue 2


The current study focused on the pharmacological activities of Justicia adhatoda; including antibacterial, antifungal, phytotoxic, cytotoxic, haemagglutination, insecticidal, in vitro antiglycation, DPPH antioxidant and antitermite. The crude methanolic extract (Crd. Met. Ext) showed 46.4 % antibacterial activity against M. morganii while the n-hexane fraction showed good (71.4%) and moderate (55.1%) activity against M. morganii and A. baumannii respectively. The EtOAc and aqueous fractions, in most of the cases, showed low to no activity against the selected bacterial pathogens, against A. niger, T. harzianum, A. parasiticus and V. dahliae. The Crd. Met. Ext and fractions showed low activity, against P. notatum and P. digitatum, Crd. Met. Ext. and all fractions were inactive. The percent growth regulation, in case of phytotoxic activity, by Crd. Met. Ext was 25 and 16.6, n-hexane fraction 16.6, 16.6 and 0, CHCl3 25, 8.33 and 0 % and EtOAc fractions 8.33, 8.33 and 0% at 1000 and 100 and 10µg/ml respectively. The aqueous fraction was inactive at all the test concentrations. The results of brine shrimp cytotoxic activity for Crd. Met. Ext was 13.33% and n-hexane fraction 20% at 1000, µg/ml respectively. All of the other fractions showed low to no activity at different test concentrations. All of the test samples were inactive against RBC’s of the blood groups at all concentration indicating that the selected plant lack phytolectins and haemagglutination activity. The Crd. Met. Ext and various fraction showed low activity against the test insects i.e. C. pulicaria, C. chinensis and T. castaneum. The absorbance value of plant extract for anti-glycation activity at various concentration were: 0.08, 0.067, 0.053 and 0.04 in comparison with Aminoguanidine0.04, 0.035, 0.03 and 0.02 respectively at 10, 50, 90 and 130µl. The DPPH radical scavenging activities were proportional to the concentration of the fractions, as the concentration of these increased, the percent scavenging activity also increased. The CHCl3 and EtOAc fractions killed all the termites in 24 hours while Crd. Met. Ext, n-hexane and aqueous fractions took 2-3 days.

Keywords: Antimicrobial, phytotoxic, haemagglutination, in vitro antiglycation, antioxidant.

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