Publishing Date: 2015

E-ISSN: 2147-9364

Volume: 3 Issue: 4


In this study, main aim is continuity of heating requirement with storage of thermal energy at heating system with solar energy. Using of renewable energy sources which are alternative of fossil fuels in terms of environmental and economic aspects is increasing. Renewable energy sources have that advantages, but it has some difficulties such as continuity of energy. For this aim, solar energy is stored on sodium acetate trihydrate which changes phase at low temperature. Experiments were done with and without phase change material in Isparta. As a result of this, amount of the storage of energy and time of the effect of storage heat on its location are analyzed. Time of the utilization of solar energy is increasing nearly 20 % average because of phase change material.

Key Words: Renewable Energy, Phase Change Material, Sodium Acetate Trihydrate

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