Author: Mesud Behlül VAROL, Assoc.Prof. İsmail ŞANLIOĞLU

Publishing Date: 2017

E-ISSN: 2548-0960

Volume 2 Issue 1


Usage of geospatial data enables decisions to be more effective and stronger in critical fields. Since geospatial data is very expensive source and the most time-consuming step, mostly it is not possible to find the required data ready to use. Therefore different projects have been developed and tried to implement by several countries to keep geospatial data which is required to collect and managed, accessible and usable.

At this study Open Geospatial Consortium standarts were explained, the focus was given on WFS and WMS because of their increasing popularity. Concurrently free and/or open source WMS/WFS server and client softwares were investigated.

Key Words: Interoperability,Standards,Open Geospatial Consortium,Web Map Sevice,Web Feature Service,Open Source Softwares

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