Author: Emre İsa Albak, Erol Solmaz, Necmettin Kaya, Ferruh Öztürk

Publishing Date: 2018

E-ISSN: 2587-1366

Volume 2 Issue 1


The impact attenuator is a safety component which is used to reduce the effects of frontal crash on driver, which can cause injuries. This article describes the design process of the impact attenuator with lightweight materials to satisfy the required weight reduction targets for Formula SAE racing car. This study is carried out as part of weight reduction studies on Formula SAE racing car. First step in design process is about literature survey and benchmarking about impact absorbing components and their specifications. In this step, it is decided to use EPP foam material with a density of 100 g/l as basic material to design a lightweight impact attenuator. Also, the design outlines of shape and analysis techniques for impact attenuator is defined in this step. Then, verification process is carried out for virtual model of 100 g/l EPP foam material. The results of the physical drop test at the initial speed of 2.2 m/s to the 50 mm cubic are taken as reference points to verify the material model. After model verification, a 10% lighter impact attenuator compared to the standard model is designed according to Formula SAE rules. The results show that selected EPP foam material can be used to design a lightweight impact attenuator for formula SAE race car to satisfy weight reduction requirements successfully.

Keywords: Impact Attenuator, EPP, Foam, Formula SAE, Formula Student

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