Author: Sabri ALTUNKAYA

Publishing Date: 2016

E-ISSN: 2147-9364

Volume: 4 Issue: 2

DOI : 10.15317/Scitech.2016218519


The aim of this study is to examine mechanical heart valve sounds using discrete wavelet transform for the diagnosis of paravalvular leakage (PVL) occurs after mechanical heart valve (MHV) replacement. For this aim, mechanical heart sounds of 2 patients with PVL and 5 volunteers with normal MHV was recorded. The recorded mechanical heart valve sounds are decomposed to detail and approximation coefficient using discrete wavelet transform. Features extracted from detail and approximation coefficients used for statically comparison of normal and patients data groups. As a result of comparison, it seen that the features obtained from Daubechies 2 wavelet function can be used to detect paravalvular leakage on mechanical heart valve. As a result, it is statically shown that Daubechies 2 wavelet function is suitable for diagnosis of PVL.

Key Words: Sound Signals of Mechanical Heart Valve, Discrete Wavelet Transform

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