Author: Tevfik AĞAÇAYAK, Veysel ZEDEF, Salih AYDOĞAN

Publishing Date: 2006

E-ISSN: 2147-9364

Volume 21 Issue 1_2


In this study, enrichment possibilities of Topraktepe (Yesildag-Beysehir) chromite ore with “Denver” type flotation cell were investigated. The flotation tests were carried out using -212 µm particle size, 23 % solid ratio and 300 g samples. Effect of pH value, Fe3+ ion concentration and flotation time on the flotation were investigated.

At first, the optimum pH value for chromite flotation was determined. For this purpose, the experiments were carried out at 5,6,7 and 8 of pH values. After determining optimum pH value, it was tried to determine the optimum amount of Fe3+ ions required for depressing of chromite mineral. For this purpose, using 0.33,0.67,1.00,1.33,1.67 and 3.33 g/t concentrations of Fe3+ ions, flotation experiments were repeated at same conditions. On the other hand, the optimum flotation time was found to be 10 min. From the experimental results, the obtained optimum results as follow: pH 5, 10 min. of flotation time, 1.33 g/t concentrations of Fe3+ ion and 50 g/t concentration of frother.

Keywords: chromite ore; flotation; Yesildag.

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