Author: M.Soner TAŞTEKİN, Nail KARA, M.Hakan ARSLAN
Publishing Date: 2007
E-ISSN: 2147-9364
Volume 22  Issue 4

Safety and economy must be considered with together in all structural projects, whichwill be built. According to the researches in Turkey, construction techniques are various in industrialbuildings. The main aim of the study is to compare economical aspects of the various constructiontechniques. Therefore, in this study, prefabricated, steel and composite building systems which have same dimensions and loading parameter are compared with each other in economic way in respect toall advantages and disadvantages. In this scope, 3 different system prefabricated (P), steel (Ç), and composite (K), are planned to design. These solutions have been done in 4 different seismic region and three different span length (15,18 and 22). After that, all systems projected are calculated and compared with each other according to the 4 different transportation distance (50-100-150 and 200 km). Totally 3 x 3 x 4 x 4 =144 frames are analyzed. The main aim of this study is to compare the costs of mentioned systems and put forward the effective parameters for industrial buildings.

Key Words: Prefabricated Concrete; Steel; Composite; Cost Analysis.

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