Author: Shazia Naz, Muhammad Harris Shoaib, Lubna Bashir, Rabia Ismail Yousuf, Fakhsheena Anjum, Fahad Siddiqui, Saima Yaseen

Publishing Date: 2017

E-ISSN: 1011-601X

Volume 30 Issue 5


Cefaclor was analyzed in the human plasma by developing a simple, precise and accurate assay method which was then validated for its accuracy, specificity and precision. The mobile phase comprised of a mixture of sodium 1- pentanesulfonate, water, triethylamine and methanol. Phosphoric acid was used to adjust the pH to 2.5±0.1. The flow rate was maintained at 1.5ml/min and the wavelength was set at 265 nm. A C-18 HPLC, column 5um particle size, L x 1.D. 25cm x 4.6mm (Supelcosil) was utilized for chromatographic separation. The retention time of Cefaclor was found to be 17min. This method was validated for selectivity, accuracy, precision, repeatability, reproducibility, recovery, linearity, and stability. Calibration curves were found linear were in the range of 0.39µg/ml to50µg/mland the coefficient of correlation (R2 ) was found to be 0.999. Hence, this method has been found useful for the determination of Cefaclor in plasma.

Keywords: Cefaclor, HPLC, Plasma.

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