Author: Yusuf Doğan , Murat Yakar

Publishing Date: 2018

E-ISSN: 2548-0960

Volume 3 Issue 2


Cultural heritages are the history of the nations, and history forms the identities of the nations. Therefore, protection of cultural heritages means protection of the history and identity of the nations. Identification of the current status of cultural heritages is important for documentation, preservation, and for use as a base for restoration. Documentation studies need robust and scientific methods. GIS and photogrammetry have recently been the most commonly used scientific methods for documenting cultural heritages. In documentation studies, digital terrestrial photogrammetry is one of the main methods of processing information of historical monuments on computers according to GIS and documenting it in three dimensions. In this study for documentation, all data of 46 historical monuments located in Silifke/Mersin were collected and transferred to a database so that it is made queryable. Some of those heritages were reconstructed as 3D models by the use of photogrammetric techniques. Finally, 3D Models were integrated into the system for presentation.

Keywords: GIS, photogrammetry, historical monument, 3D modeling

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