Author: Erdal AKYOL, Ali KAYA, Suat TAŞDELEN, Turgay BEYAZ, Gulmustafa ŞEN

Publishing Date: 2007

E-ISSN: 2147-9364

Volume 22 Issue 1-2


Gümüşler Municipality settlement area is located at the northwest of the Denizli city center in Aegean Region. Denizli and its neighboring area are in an active seismic region. The study area, is 18 km2, has a morphology that is developed under the extension tectonics. There are two types of units in the investigation area which are Neogene and Quaternary aged ones. pH values, sulphate and magnesium content of the water samples in the study area 6.5-7, 150-200 mg/lt and 75-100 mg/lt respectively. It demonstrates that they can be used for concrete production. The studies show that liquid limit is between 14 % and 52 % and plasticity index ranges from 1 % to 24 %. Menard pressuremeter results suggest that ultimate bearing capacity of soils varies in a wide range that is between 120 kPa and 4600 kPa. Menard Elastic Modulus of the tested samples varies from 6.7 to 316.7 MPa. Internal friction angle (φ) and cohesion (c) of the soils are 13°-40° and 1-3 kPa respectively.

Key Words: Gümüşler, Denizli; Geotechnics; Geology; Seismotectonics.

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