GC-MS Analysis of the Active Compound in Ethanol Extracts of White Pepper (Piper nigrum L.) and Pharmacological Effects

Author: Nyoman Arsana, Ni Ketut Ayu Juliasih, A. A. Ayu Sauca Sunia Widyantari, Ni Luh Suriani, Agus Manto

Publishing Date: 2022

E-ISSN: 2823-2550

Volume: 2

Issue: 3

DOI: https://doi.org/%2010.55705/cmbr.2022.351720.1051


Pepper (Piper nigrum L.) has been utilized since antiquity and is considered the king of spices due to its wide use. This study aims to analyze the active compounds of white pepper through GC-MS and their pharmacological effects. Pepper seeds were extracted using 96% ethanol as solvent by the maceration method. The active compounds in the dry extract were then analyzed by GC-MS. Identification of the active compound was carried out by matching it to the Willey7 Library database. Based on the results chromatogram, is known that there are 127 components of the compound, of which there are 11 main components. Most of the main components are alkaloids and have various pharmacological effects discussed. Piperidine, Caryophyllene, and Ethyl isoallocholate are some of active compounds in ethanol extract. Ethyl iso-allocholate acts as an anti-inflammatory with a strong affinity for the target protein and also acts as an antiviral for SARS-CoV by inhibiting the attachment of the viral genome to target proteins, namely angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) and main protease (MPro).

Key Words: Piperidine, Caryophyllene, Ethyl isoallocholate, Methyl glycocholate, Piperlonguminine