Publishing Date: 2010

E-ISSN: 0255-7576

Volume: 28 Issue: 2


In this research study, species of plant parasitic nematodes were examined in potatoes in Marmara Region by considering their two main aspects viz., faunistic and taxonomic. Soil, plant and tuber samples were taken from potato in 2006-2008, during the autumn and summer months, when adult nematode species are more abundant. From these samples, nematodes were extracted, slides were prepared from these extracts and the ones belonging to plant parasitic nematodes were identified. This survey from Potato fields yielded 29 nematode species belonging to 3 suborders, 5 superfamilies, 8 families, 10 subfamilies and 18 genera under orders Tylenchida and Aphelenchida. From these species; Filenchus cylindricus, F. sandneri, Lelenchus leptosoma and Geocenamus uralensis represent new country records forTürkiye’s nematode fauna. Another finding of the research study displays that potato is a new host for Meloidogyne incognita (Kofoid &White 1919) (Chitwood, 1949) in Turkish potato fields. The most encountered species in this research study were Aphelenchus avenae, Merlinius brevidens, Filenchus filiformis and Pratylenchus scribneri.