Author: Yusuf DEMİREL
Publishing Date: 2007
E-ISSN: 2147-9364
Volume 22  Issue 4

In this paper, for forecasting costs of multiplet reinforced concrete residential buildings, which have been built by Association of Turkish Residential Building Cooperatives (TÜRKKONUT), with Artificial Neural Networks (ANN); cost of construction of this kind of buildings has been calculated and used as data for an ANN. This network has a multi layer and back propagation structure with adviser to learn. Normal flat areas, building elevations and total areas of outer surfaces were assumed as mean criteria of the cost of each apartment. Result cost values which are calculated with ANN, has been checked with the Unit Price and Regression Analysis methods and evaluated the performance of ANN. It is comprehensible that the results of ANN are nearer than the results of Regression Analysis to the real costs ofthese buildings. Using hybrid methods for solving this kind of problems will be useful than using only one method. Studying with similar methods for calculating different kind of buildings costs, will create positive developments.

Key Words: Cost of Buildings; Artificial Neural Networks (ANN); Unit Price; Regression Analysis.

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