Author: İskender Özkul, Canan Aksu CANBAY, Ayşe Tekataş

Publishing Date: 2017

E-ISSN: 2587-1366

Volume 1 Issue 2


Among the functional, materials shape memory alloys are important because of their unique properties. So, these materials have attracted more attention to be used in micro/nano electronic and electromechanic systems. In this work, thermal evaporation method has been used to produce CuAlNi shape memory alloy thin film. The produced CuAlNi thin film has been characterized and the presence of the martensite phase was investigated and compared with the CuAlNi alloy sample. CuAlNi shape memory alloy thin film about 6.12 µm thick, showing a M→A transformation has been produced and also thermal and structural observations were made to analysis the shape memory behaviour of the Cu-Al-Ni shape memory thin films.

Key word: Thin films, Shape memory effect, Cu-Al-Ni

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