Author: Safila Naveed, Khan Usmanghani, Aisha Sana, Huma Ali, Farya Zafar, Fatima Qamar, Ghulam Sarwer, Sarah Abbas, M Tanweer Alam and Muhammad Ibrar Shinwari

Publishing Date: 2018

E-ISSN: 1011-601X

Volume 31 Issue 1


Sensitive, simple, reliable and rapid HPLC technique for the estimation of simvastatin (SMV) and cetirizine has been designed in this study. The chromatographic conditions were set using Shimadzu LC-10 AT VP pump, with UV detector (SPD-10 AV-VP). System integration was performed with CBM-102 (Bus Module). Partitioning of components was attained with pre-packed C-18 column of Purospher Star (5 µm, 250 x 4.6 mm) at ambient conditions. Injected volume of sample was 10 µl. Mobile phase was composed of 50:50 v/v ratio of Acetonitrile/water (pH 3.0 adjusted with ortho-phosphoric acid) having 2 ml/minutes rate of flow. Compounds were detected in UV region at 225 nm. Percent Recovery of simvastatin was observed in the range of 98-102%. All results were found in accept table range of specification. The projected method is consistent, specific, precise, and rapid, that can be employed to quantitate the SMV along with cetirizine HCl. It was estimated by 3 successive cycles of freeze and thaw stability. Results of FT samples were found within accept table limits the method was developed and validated in raw materials, bulk formulations and final drug products.

Keywords: Simvastatin, Cetirizine, stability studies, HPLC determination.

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