Publishing Date: 2010

E-ISSN: 0255-7576

Volume: 28 Issue: 2


Under open grapevine field conditions, some different treatments with magnetic iron ore (MIO), metal compound fertilizer (MCF) as mineral compounds and bio-NK as a biocide (BC) were applied as soil amendments at three rates (low, recommended and higher) for management of the root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne incognita. Their effects on yield, shoot length and chemical properties of the grapevine berries were studied. In addition to equatorial and longitudinal dimensions of the berries, leaves and soil contents of N, P, K and Fe were also determined. All the compounds significantly (P≤0.01 or 0.05) reduced M. incognita populations either in the soil or in roots through the two successive seasons on two grapevine cultivars Superior and Thompson Seedless. Significant statistical differences in the nematode densities were found within and between the treatments. On the basis of percentage efficacy of such substances in reducing M. incognita populations in both soil and roots of Superior, the low rate of BC compound surpassed the other compounds three times through two successive seasons however, the high rate MIO and BC was superior for two experimental periods, as well as one case at the recommended and the high rates of MCF. Also, the efficacy of such materials in management of the nematode densities in both soil and roots of Thompson seedless, the low rate of MCF was the best through two cases and one case at using the high rate of MIO, MCF and BC, the low rate
of BC substance. Also, all the treatments caused increases in N, P, K and Fe concentrations in both soil and grapevine leaves of the two cultivars. All yield, physical, vegetative and chemical properties of Superior and Thompson seedless berries were increased – to some extent- while, all treatments gave low total acidity (TA) in juice and high ratio of TSS / TA especially with the low rate of MIO compound on Superior and the recommended rate of MCF compound on Thompson seedless through two successive seasons.