Author: Atiq-ur-Rahman, Hina Imran, Lubna Iqbal, Syed Intasar Hussain Taqvi, Nudrat Fatima and Zahra Yaqeen

Publishing Date: 2016

E-ISSN: 1011-601X

Volume: 29 Issue: 4


The antioxidant, lipoxygenase inhibitory activities and free radical scavenging capacity of the crude extract, aqueous and some organic fractions of dry and ripe fruit of Aegle marmelos. L were studied to understand the protective and therapeutic role for the use of the fruit as a remedy in different ailments. All the tested fractions and extracts showed to possess significant antioxidant, free radical scavenging capacity and lipoxygenase inhibitory potential. However, chloroform and aqueous fractions showed significant ability to quench radicals, to reduce ferric chloride and to inhibit soyabean lipoxygenase. Their antioxidant and lipoxygenase inhibition was estimated by IC50 values, for antioxidant ranging from 88-65% activity at concentration of 5-0.15μg/mL and similarly for lipoxygenase inhibition ranging from 89-69% at various concentrations of 5-0.15μg/mL, in chloroform and aqueous fractions respectively. The scavenger molecules in the dry and ripe fruit of A. marmelos may attribute to therapeutic and protective effect during different progressive stages of ailments.

KEYWORDS: A. marmelos, dry and ripe fruit, lipoxygenase inhibition, antioxidant, free radical scavenging capacity.

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