Author: Kuşçu Şimşek, Ç., Türk, T., Ödül, H., and Çelik, M.N.

Publishing Date: 2018

E-ISSN: 2548-0960

Volume 3 Issue 3


Nowadays, people living in the city tend to get away from the city and integrate with nature as they find the opportunity to keep away from stress in terms of current living conditions and their effects. This situation is increasing the interest in nature tourism and orientation to nature sports with each passing day. One of nature sports is also paragliding.

In this study, alternative flying fields suitable for paragliding which is one of nature sports within the boundaries of Sivas province, Turkey were automatically determined by Geographical Information Systems (GIS) analyses and the developed user interface program by taking into account the international technical conditions required for flying. The suitability of these fields determined was checked with the flight tests performed in company with the experienced paragliding pilot, and they were proposed as nature tourism areas. With this study carried out, it was ensured that the paragliding fields, which are mainly determined by observational and experimental methods, were scientifically determined in accordance with the international technical specification criteria. Furthermore, a new method has been developed to be able to automatically determine alternative paragliding fields in any city with the help of the introduced GIS-based system and user interface program.

Keywords: GIS, Ecotourism, Paragliding, Spatial analysis, Nature-based tourism

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