Author: Doğan AYDAL, Alaaddin VURAL, İpek USLU TAŞDELEN, Emine GÖKÇE AYDAL

Publishing Date: 2007

E-ISSN: 2147-9364

Volume 22 Issue 3


The study area investigated by using Landsat ETM data and various image inhancement techniques was applied. Crosta technique is one of the important image inhancement techniques and commonly used in determining hydrothermal areas and as well as ironoxide enriched areas. In this study, especially hydrothermally and ironoxide enriched areas( Alakeçi-Kısacık) were chosen intentionally and Crosta technique was applied and checked by using selected 6 ETM bands and 4 ETM band sets separately. At the end of the study, the determined hydrothermally and ironoxide enriched areas were seen well-adjusted the pre-determined mineralized areas which were found by using all classical geological and geochemical techniques.

Key Words: Bigadiç; Crosta; Landsat; Remote Sensing; Geographic Information System

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