Author: Necip ÇAMUŞCU, Ersan ASLAN

Publishing Date: 2005

E-ISSN: 2147-9364

Volume 20 Issue 2


In recent years, the general trend in manufacturing industry is to machine work materials in hardened state. In this way, it is intended to cut tooling, manpower and energy costs. This study explored the performance and wear behaviour of different cutting tools in end milling of X210Cr12 cold-work tool steel hardened to 35 HRC and 62 HRC. The cutting tools used in this study are TiCN coated sintered carbide by physical vapour deposition, TiCN+TiAlN coated sintered carbide by chemical vapour deposition and TiAlN coated cermet by physical vapour deposition. Tool performance evaluation was based on the surface finish of machined part and tool flank wear. TiCN+TiAlN coated sintered carbide tool and TiAlN coated cermet tool exhibited better performance than TiCN coated sintered carbide tool in terms of both flank wear and quality of machined surfaces.

Key Words: Sintered carbide; cermet; coatings; tool wear; surface roughness; hardened tool steel.

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