Author: Ömer MUTLUOĞLU, Ayhan CEYLAN

Publishing Date: 2005

E-ISSN: 2147-9364

Volume 20 Issue 1


In Geographic Information System ( GIS ) studies, spatial data obtained has been of great importance. The achievement of GIS projects is dependent upon the accuracy and spatial data updated. This is vital in terms of extravagant waste of national sources. The test area about 20 ha has been established in Selcuk University Campus to compare spatial data for GIS. All detail points covering the test area have been measured by polar coordinate method using electronic tachymetry and obtained same coordinates with Digital Orthophoto production Method. Polar coordinate method (classical method) has been accepted as a reference and it has been compared with the spatial data obtained from digital orthophoto method in view of accuracy and cost. The root mean square (RMS) errors obtained from comparisons have been found as mp=±53.7cm for digital orthophoto production method. The unit cost (1 ha) is 95.86 $ for classical method, 21.93 $ for digital orthophoto production method.

Key Words: GIS; photogrammetry; digital orthophoto; electronic tachymetry; spatial data

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