Author: Syed Muhammad Ali Shah, Khan Usmanghani, Naveed Akhtar, Muhammad Akram, Hafiz Muhammad Asi4 and Muhammad Mohtasheemul HasaN

Publishing Date: 2016

E-ISSN: 1011-601X

Volume 29 Issue 6


Amoebiasisis an infectious disease, which originated with the single-celled parasitic protozoan Entamoeba histolytica. The parasitic amoeba infects the liver and intestine and may cause mild diarrhea and serious dysentery with bloody and mucoid stool. A study was conducted to evaluate the efficacy of Amoebex (400mg), a herbal formulation for the treatment of amoebiasis infections as compared to that of Metronidazole (400mg). The therapeutic evaluations of these medicines were carried out on 184 clinically diagnosed cases of the amoebiasis infection. Sample sizes of Ameobex for this study included a total of 93 patients and for Metronidazole a total of 91 were registered and treated. Comparison of the data recorded for the participants relating to sign and symptoms variables showed significant differences of efficacy between test and control groups (p<0.0357) and no side effects were at all recorded in test group. According to observation, there was a difference in the overall clinical success of both treatment groups, however, the efficacy of the test treated medication (Amoebex) was superior to that of Metronidazole as (p<0.03), and on the basis of the statistical analysis done by the chi square test, the null hypothesis was rejected. `It is clearly evident that Amoebex possesses therapeutic value for the treatment of amoebiasis associated symptoms but also the eradication rate of amoebiasis is superior by Amoebex as compared to that of Metronidazole (Control drug).

KEYWORDS: Amoebic dysentery, amoebex, metronidazole, clinical study.

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