Author: Ismail KARA, M.Tahir NALBANTÇILAR

Publishing Date: 2007

E-ISSN: 2147-9364

Volume: 22 Issue: 3


Ortaköy geothermal area is located 21 km to the NW of Şarkışla (Sivas). The formations different lithologies and aged from Paleozoic to Quaternary in the area. Marbles belong to the Paleozoic stack forms as reservoir, mudstone and claystone belong to the Yeniçubuk formation, mudstone and tuff belong to the Kızılırmak formation are all covering formations in Ortaköy geothermal area. The Neogene volcanism heats the geothermal system. Discharges of these hot waters are depending on the tensional fault intersecting with Kızılırmak fault a left lateral strike slip fault.
The temperature of waters in area is between 21.3 0C and 36 0C and temperature of drilling water is 36.6 0C. According to the silis geothermometer, the temperature of reservoir is nearly 50-60 0C. Total mineralization is 2956-3898 mg/lt in springs and 2407 mg/lt in well water. According to the AIH these hot waters are generally Ca-Mg-Na-HCO3-Cl type and geothermal fluid of area has liming feature. These waters are used for hydrotherapy. The area will be an attraction center as thermal tourism by modernizing foundations. Well water has healt risk for drinking usage and this necessary detailed investigation.

Key Words: Hot water; Geothermal; Sivas

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