Author: Hüseyin Mutlu, Burak Emre Yapanmış, Alper Günöz

Publishing Date: 2018

E-ISSN: 2587-1366

Volume 2 Issue 2


In the automotive sector, doors have an important place in terms of vehicle and passenger safety. For this reason, different kinds of materials and mechanisms have been being designed and parameters have been being investigated and analyzed in order to increase the functional efficiency of the vehicle doors. In this study, an automatic open/close mechanism is designed which can be used in all types of vehicles with sliding doors. Sliding door mechanism was analyzed in rope systems and information about the parts of the mechanism was explained. Door weight, rope diameter, torque, opening time of the door parameters are examined. Finally, the designed mechanism has mounted to a vehicle and it has been observed to work successfully.

Keywords:Vehicle Gate, Sliding Door, Rope Systems, Mechanism Design

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