Author: Muhammad Avais, Muhammad Sarwar Khan , Muhammad Arif Khan , Kamran Ashraf , Zahoor ul Hassan , Jawaria Ali Khan and Nisar Ahmad

Publishing Date: 2018

E-ISSN: 1011-601X

Volume 31 Issue 2


This study was aimed to compare the efficacy of aqueous garlic extract, sodium nitrite (SNT), sodium thiosulfate (STS) and hydroxocobalamin against oral cyanide exposure in rabbits. For this purpose, forty two adult male rabbits were divided randomly into 7 groups of 6 animals (A-G) each. Rabbits in group A were offered feed only and served as negative control, while the rabbits in group B received feed plus potassium cyanide (KCN) at 3mg/kg orally and were kept as positive control. Animals in group C received feed, KCN and intraperitoneal injection (IP) of aqueous garlic extract at 500mg/kg. Rabbits in group D were given feed, KCN and IP injection of STS at 600mg/kg. Members in group E received feed, KCN and IP injection of both aqueous garlic extract at 500mg/kg and SNT at 20mg/kg. Animals in group F were given feed, KCN and IP injection of both STS at 600mg/kg and SNT at 20mg/kg, while the rabbits in group G received feed, KCN and IP injection of hydroxocobalamin at 300mg/kg. The treatments were given to respective groups for 40 days. The efficacy of the antidotes was measured on the basis of changes in biochemical profile of rabbits in each group. In this study, hydroxocobalamin was found to be significantly more effective cyanide (CNI) antidote than garlic, STS, SNT plus garlic extract, or SNT and STS, either alone or in combination. A combination of SNT and garlic extract was the second most effective CNI antidote. The efficacy of garlic alone was significantly higher than STS alone or in combination with SNT. The efficacy of combined SNT and STS was superior to STS alone in treating rabbits with CNI toxicity. In conclusion, aqueous garlic extract alone or in combination with STS can effectively be used against cyanide toxicity.

Keywords: Aqueous garlic extract, cyanide, rabbit, hydroxocobalamin, toxicity.

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