Author: Burhan Bayhan, Gökhan Arslan

Publishing Date: 2018

E-ISSN: 2587-1366

Volume 2 Issue 1


In this study, applicability of wind and solar energy technologies in a non-residential building located in Mersin, Turkey is investigated. As the non-residential building, a polyclinic was examined. Meteorological data was obtained from Turkish State Meteorological Service to investigate the solar and wind energy technologies. The data was examined statistically. By using wind turbine with 0.9 kW rated power, 2223.5 kWh electricity energy was generated. Similarly, PV panel with 20 % panel efficiency, 5kW total power and 15 m2 surface area, 4240 kWh electricity energy was generated. Annual energy consumption of the polyclinic was calculated 26107.52 kWh by using EnergyPlus software. To meet heating and cooling loads of the polyclinic, the air source heat pump was preferred. 8.51 % of the total demand can be supplied from wind turbine and 16.24 % by photovoltaic panels. The proposed wind-solar hybrid system for investigated region is not applicable due to low of the wind energy potential of the investigated region, the high price of the wind turbine and the proximity to the lifetime of the utilized components in the system to depreciation time. On the other hand, by using only photovoltaic panels system to generate electricity, it was determined that depreciation time will decrease from 17 to 11 years.

Keywords: Wind Energy, Solar Energy, Photo-voltaic Panel, Heating Load, Cooling Load

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