Author: Masomeh Khalili, Hamed Fathi and Mohammad Ali Ebrahimzadeh

Publishing Date: 2016

E-ISSN: 1011-601X

Volume: 29 Issue: 3


Crocus genus (Iridaceae) is comprises approximately 80 species. In this study in vitro antioxidant activities of extracts from C. caspius bulbs and aerial parts were investigated. Ultrasonically assisted extraction (US), percolation method (PE) and polyphenolic fraction (PP) were used. Antioxidant activities were evaluated with five different tests. Aerial parts US extract with high levels of phenol and flavonoids were the most potent extract in DPPH radical scavenging than others. Aerial parts PE extract had shown very potent reducing power, which was so better than other extracts (p<0.01). Aerial parts PP fraction showed very good Fe2+ chelating ability. Aerial parts US extract were the most potent extract in scavenging of H2O2. Bulb PP fraction with IC50=22.8±0.7μg ml-1 was the most potent fraction in nitric oxide scavenging. The results improved high levels of antioxidant activities of C. caspius bulbs and aerial parts in all tested models.

KEYWORDS: Antioxidant activity; Crocus caspius; radical scavenging; ultrasonic extraction; polyphenol fraction.

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