Author: Noman Anwar, Kamal YT, Mohd Aftab Ahmad, Shahana Salam, Mohd Asif, Mohd Akhtar, Sayeed Ahmad

Publishing Date: 2017

E-ISSN: 1011-601X

Volume 30 Issue 5


Marham-e-Aatshak (MA) is a Unani ointment, with wide use for treating chronic and infectious wounds since long time. This study was designed to screen the antimicrobial and wound healing potential of MA to validate the ethnotherapeutic claims. The agar diffusion method was used to study the antimicrobial action of MA as well as for all of its ingredients. Inhibition zone diameters were measured and MIC values were calculated. Wound healing activity was studied in models of both, excision and incision wounds. Wound contractibility was measured at different intervals in excision wound model; similarly tensile strength was measured in incision wound model. MA and its ingredients showed remarkable inhibitory activity against most of the organisms. In excision wound, a significantly enhanced wound contraction and significantly reduced epithelialization period was observed. In incision wound, significant increase in the mean breaking strength in the test group was observed. The results indicate that MA is capable of fighting against wound infections and able to potentiate the natural healing process.

Keywords: Marham-e-Aatshak, wound healing, Unani medicine, Herb-o-mineral.

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