Author: Şafak Bozduman

Publishing Date: 2019

E-ISSN: 2687-4997

Volume: 1 Issue: 1


Wetlands are important natural formations for human life in economical, cultural and scientific aspects. These formations are also important for endangered plant or animal species which inhabit there. Therefore, working to protect wetlands is an important task for all living creatures on Earth. With the help of remote sensing data, it is possible to observe the changes of water levels by years. In this study, Landsat-5 (TM) and Landsat8 OLI/TIRS satellite images were used to analyse said changes. By using supervised classification method, classification was made for each year and comparison technique was used to detect changes through the years. At the end of this comparison, the change of water levels in the Dipsiz Lagoon, which is located in Mersin-Tarsus, was analysed. Following this analysis, it is concluded that the water levels in Dipsiz Lagoon were decreased over the years.

Key Words: Change Detection Data, ENVI, Maksimum Likelihood, Satellite Image, Lake

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