Author: Mevlüt Yaşar KALTAKCI, Ali KÖKEN, Hasan Hüsnü KORKMAZ, Mehmet KAMANLI

Publishing Date: 2006

E-ISSN: 2147-9364

Volume 21 Issue 1_2


In this study, experimental results of 9 steel frames infilled with brick masonry which are tested under reversed cyclic lateral load, are summarized. Test specimens has one bay and one story. Length to width ratios (L/H) are 1, ½ or 2. Properties of infills are; empty, brick masonry or plastered brick infill. Lateral load is applied on the top of the specimens and lateral displacement and applied reversed cyclic loading are measured. Failure modes of walls and frames, envelope curves of lateral load vs. displacement graphs and loss of rigidity, energy consumption properties are investigated

Key Words: Infilled steel frames; earthquake behavior of infilled steel frames.

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