Author: Altan GENCER

Publishing Date: 2013

E-ISSN: 2147-9364

Volume: 1 Issue: 1


Nowadays, the topic of improving quality and variety of electric motors comes into prominence in parallel industrial applications and technologic developments. Control techniques for driving frequency, voltage amplitude and phase difference between two phases voltages are used in speed control of ultrasonic motors. In this study, simulation study has been achieved with MATLAB SIMULINK by controlling driving frequency and phase difference. Equivalent circuit is formed by combining stator and rotor, and convenience is controlled by comparing with the information of producing company. Simulation model is a complete model which is achieved by adding both stator and rotor parameters, and stator and rotor friction loses. Simulation results showed that the control system provided effective results in speed control of travelling wave ultrasonic motor.

Key Words: Travelling wave ultrasonic motor; frequency speed control; phase difference speed control

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