Author: Alaa ELEYAN, Abubakar ASHIR

Publishing Date: 2017

E-ISSN: 2147-9364

Volume: 5 Issue: 3


The paper implements a monogenic-Local Binary Pattern (mono-LBP) algorithm on Local Gabor Pattern (LGP). The proposed approach initially features from the samples using LGP at different scales and orientation. The extracted LGP features are further enhanced by decomposing it into three monogenic LBP channels before being recombined to generate the final feature vector. Different Normalization schemes are applied to the final feature vector. Two best performing normalization algorithms with mono-LBP are fused at score level to obtain an improved performance using K-Nearest Neighbor classifier with L1-norm as a distance metrics. Moreover, performance comparison is done with other variants of LGP algorithm and also the effects of various normalization techniques are investigated. Experimental results from JAFFE and TFEID facial expression databases show that the new technique has improved performance compared to its counterparts.

Keywords: Facial Expression Recognition; Local Gabor Patterns; monogenic Local Binary Patterns

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