Author: Eren öZCEYLAN

Publishing Date: 2012

ISSN: 1300-5200

E-ISSN: 1304-8708

Volume: 27 Issue: 3


Determining positions and number of actors, amount of product flow between them and decreasing transportation costs are handled as a network design problem in supply chain management. Todays, on the one hand, while enterprises are expanding their own supply chain networks, on the other hand, they have to solve communication problems and long response time. Mentioned problems can be solved more easily with flexible supply chain instead of traditional supply chain due to dismissing echelons. Some deterioration on multi-products can be performed because of flowing long time and far away distances. This amount of distortion needs to be replaced with new ones in the same phase and at the same time to respond the desired number of demand. This distortion and recycled products can be included into process again with collection and recycling centers in flexible supply chain. In this study, to solve all problems mentioned above simultaneously, a new mixed integer linear programming model is developed for multi-products closed loop flexible supply chain with a deterioration factor. The proposed model is tested via a numerical example on LINDO 6.0 package program and results are discussed.

Key Words: Multi products; flexible supply chain; mixed integer mathematical model; closed loop; supply chain network design

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