Author: Coşkun DENİZ

Publishing Date: 2018

E-ISSN: 2147-9364

Volume: 6 Issue: 1


Determination of zeros of Bessel functions and their derivatives are essential in the TE and TM modes supported by the circular waveguides. However, since these functions are conventionally defined as infinite series, fast calculation of their numerical values and zeros with reliable accuracy requires improved numerical techniques or approximations. Moreover, modes are usually sorted by human inspection and instant retrieval of correctly ordered modes becomes essential especially for higher mode-index values. Here, a fast computational algorithm design based on the numerical Bisection method to determine the sorted TE and TM mode solutions of the circular waveguides is presented. Our suggestion involves: i) determination of the critical points close to the zeros of Bessel functions and their derivatives within the user selected sampling width (typically =0.01), ii) application of the numerical Bisection method to these functions one after another to scan up to the user selected maximum index number by using these critical points up to maintain the user selected sensitivity values, iii) Bubble sorting of the unified roots matrix, iv) scan the bubble sorted roots matrix to decide the mode type. As a result, our design finds the related TE and TM modes along with the cut-off and propagating wave frequencies in the correct order with a very fast calculation by the user controlled Computable Document File (CDF) environment.

Keywords: Bessel functions, circular waveguides, cylindrical waveguides, TE modes, TM modes, Computable Document File (CDF), real time computation

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