Author: Z. Perveen and S. Shalizad.

Publishing Date: 2013

E-ISSN: 0255-7576

Volume: 31 Issue: 2


Three Paectionnrces species viz.. Paecilomyres variotii. P. lilacinus and P. finnosoroseus were examined at various intensity levels to manage root-knot nematode Meloidogyne incognita. Unlike P. finnosoraseus. increasing concentrations of P. variotii and P. lilacinus culture filtrates considerably inhibited egg-hatching and sustained juvenile transience. Increase in shoot and root weights were observed after applying biocontrol agents in vitro and in vivo on mungbean (Vigna radiata). Significant reductions in number of galls per root system as compared to the control treatment were observed when isolates of P. variotii and P. lilacinus were used. A variation in the efficacy of local isolates of P. variotii was also evident.